Fixed or mobile perimeter surveillance systems with built in intelligent analytics. I AM’s solution uses proven, non-proprietary software platforms and integrates with many security, facilities, information technology and notification systems.

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    The Approval to Operate
    (ATO) status with DoD is backed by
    advanced information assurance (IA)
    data encryption.


    Equally valuable is the peace of
    mind knowing that I AM
    affords the highest level of
    protection available to the civilian
    marketplace with commercial-off-
    the-shelf (COTS) pricing.

    Surveillance, Central Management 

    and Response

    I AM’s graphical, real-time, touch screen interface simplifies and streamlines operations, offering total security and access from a single source. This convergent security solution leverages an industry-defining, holistic security approach by connecting manufacturers, integrators and end-users. By bridging disconnects and gaps between physical and enterprise security, the I AM solution delivers a significant return on investment, while providing instant access to useful information to allow agencies to make more informed decisions, and an enhanced ability to act on defined operating protocols, should an event occur.

    A complete surveillance 

    software solution

    Physical & Cyber Security


    Situational Awareness


    Access Control and Intercom

    Facilities Management

    Why I AM 


    • Artificial intelligence
    • Tripwires
    • Face recognition detection
    • Object & people & tracking
    • License plate recognition
    • Forensic analytics
    • Under vehicle inspection
    • Loitering, crowd, slip/fall detection
    • Video stitching/synopsis
    • Drone detection – RFID
    • Laser/Radar/Satellite – Sound detection
    • Microwave – Intrusion detection
    • Gunshot detection – Optical/infrared
    • Fire and alarm systems
    • Building management
    • SCADA control




    “I AM Engineering work is highly technical and professional with respect to their performance and can undertake large and complex task very accurately and achieve all objectives as per regulations.”


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    “We have been greatly benefited not only in understanding the implications of a reliable and safe network but also the need to continually conduct cybersecurity assessments.”


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    Kenny Rogers Roasters

    “I AM Engineering completed the assignment with utmost professional conduct and sincerity. They are highly knowledgeable and experienced in the field of work.”


    Katie Bridges

    American Wholesale Club

    “I AM Engineering has displayed a credible focus on providing next-generation security solutions and services with an analytics-led approach to cyber defense management.”


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