Cyber threats are increasing in both scope and frequency. From ransomware operators refining and polishing their business models, to the rapid adoption of cloud as organizations seek to gain operational efficiencies, attack surfaces are expanding, and threat actors are evolving.

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    The Approval to Operate
    (ATO) status with DoD is backed by
    advanced information assurance (IA)
    data encryption.


    Equally valuable is the peace of
    mind knowing that I AM
    affords the highest level of
    protection available to the civilian
    marketplace with commercial-off-
    the-shelf (COTS) pricing.

    Comprehensive Critical Infrastructure and Network Protection, 


    Modern critical facilities require efficient and secure solutions to help manage energy systems intelligently and respond to threats quickly. I AM’s BAS (building automation system) is an all-in-one appliance that provides customized management and security for each facility through a design that maximizes budget and energy efficiencies.

    I AM Software and Encryptes Hardware BAS is universally compatible with existing or new automation systems. It easily integrates with SCADA/DDC systems using secure wireless for local monitoring, control and reporting.

    I AM provides secure monitoring and control of designated equipment such as HVAC systems, generators and water treatment pumps. It allows operators to safely monitor and optimize equipment use, within a facility or across a campus, from one central location.

    A Complete 

    Cyber Solution

    Risk Management Framework (RMF)

    Hardware Encryption + Software Encryption

    NIST Framework approved by FISMA

    Malware Analysis


    Manage assets with zoning by location, role, type, and subnets

    Why I AM 


    • Secure operating environment –
      Cybersecure IT and OT assets can be assessed, strengthened and implemented through procurement due diligence.
    • Flexibility of open source architecture –
      Not locked in to purchasing only a limited pool of cybersecure solutions.
    • Cybersecurity by design –
      Suppliers that view cybersecurity as a fundamental business practice that impacts both people, processes and technology can lower attack risks.
    • Compliant with the RMF –
      Established baseline configurations ensure deployments meet risk management requirements and authorization.
    • Get continuous threat monitoring based on newest behavior-based analytics created by Dragos Threat Intelligence
      • See configuration, modeling, indicator, and threat behavior detections from a single dashboard
      • View threat levels and prioritize by severity
      • Receive in-depth alerts with context of adversary tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) mapped to MITRE ICS ATT&CK




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    “I AM Engineering has displayed a credible focus on providing next-generation security solutions and services with an analytics-led approach to cyber defense management.”


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