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Through our Special Projects I AM have worked on many integrations between physical hardware to software. Embedded systems and associated devices that run critical operations are critical to managing automation and control systems.

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    The Approval to Operate
    (ATO) status with DoD is backed by
    advanced information assurance (IA)
    data encryption.


    Equally valuable is the peace of
    mind knowing that I AM
    affords the highest level of
    protection available to the civilian
    marketplace with commercial-off-
    the-shelf (COTS) pricing.

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    As the means and motivations of criminals and bad actors continue to advance, security directors are seeking to keep pace. The third most frequently selected motivation for upgrading infrastructure was the need to make physical access administration easier with digital processes. Now, you cannot upgrade your hardware without a great software integration. Beyond the advantages of remote credentialing, security directors seek to converge physical access control systems (PACS) and logical access control systems (LACS). Integrating digital processes can lead to more efficient systems, but aging technology can be challenging to merge. The concerns with converging PACS and LACS — difficulty with implementation, managing multiple credentials in multiple systems, and increased technological complexity — must be planned for before an organization retools its secure infrastructure.

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